Name of Project: Lake Ashburton Secant Wall
Type of Project: Secant Wall
Completion Date: July 2019
Location: Baltimore, Md
Duration of Project: 6 months
General Contractor: Southland Holdings
Owner: City of Baltimore


Our client in Lake Ashburton in Baltimore, MD contracted Shelly Drilling to install 198 drilled shafts for a secant wall. We installed two secant walls to hold up the lake for a large on-site excavation. Shelly had 2 drill rigs working for the entirety of the project. The holes were 42” diameter and ranged in depth from 32’ to 52’ feet. We socketed all the shafts in hard pyroxenite rock of depths up to 20’ deep.

Aerial view of secant wall construction at Lake Ashburton
Man working on secant wall at Lake Ashburton