Lifting hook and drilling rig


Shelly Foundations, Inc. (also called Shelly Drilling) is a sole proprietorship cooperation located 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, Pa. Established in 1987, we are now one of the top foundation drilling companies in the North Eastern United States. We work throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Western Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Shelly Foundations Inc. specializes in drilling open caissons for foundations. Caissons are also known as drilled shafts. These shafts range in size from 18″ to 12′ in diameter and can reach up to 120′ deep. For example, we drill caissons for everything from bridge pier and building foundations, to phone towers and roller coasters.

Shelly Foundations, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Equal Opportunity Officers for Shelly Foundations, Inc., are Geneva Andree and Todd Andree. You can contact us by writing to 900 Allegheny Avenue Avonmore, Pa 15618 or calling (724) 697-4559.

Construction worker and drill


Shelly Foundations, Inc. drills into the earth and rock using high rotary drilling rigs. We use various tools throughout the drilling process. For example, we use rock augers, core barrels, and muck buckets. The type of earth and sub-surface materials we expect to encounter determines which tools we use. Often we have to drill into unstable earth. If so, we use a temporary casing to keep the shaft open. We terminate drilling once we reach solid bedrock, or once we reach a minimum rock socket.

After a shaft is drilled, we inspect it. First, we lower a person or a camera into the open hole to perform a careful visual inspection. Next, we place a rebar cage into the open shaft. Then it is ready for concrete placement. Depending on project specifications, the concrete can be placed via the free-fall method or the tremie method. Finally, we fill the shaft with concrete.