Company EEO Policy Statement
It is the policy of Shelly Foundations, Inc. to assure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, religion, sex, color, national origin, are or disability. Such action shall include: employment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensating; and selection for training, including apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, and/or on-the-job training.

Notice encouraging employees to refer minority and female applicants through employment
We encourage the help of all employees in referring minority and female applicants for employment. If you know a minority and/or female who is seeking employment, please refer them to Geneva Andree or Tod Andree at (724) 697-4559.

Notice informing employees of available training program and entrance requirements
We are participating in an on-the-job training program for the heavy-highway construction industry. If you are interested in developing a skill in a craft, please contact Geneca Andree or Tod Andree at (724) 697-4559. She will explain the program to you in detail. The only requirement is that you have the desire an ability to develop a skill in the craft in which you are interested.

Complaint Procedures
Any complaint of alleged discrimination by this company, its supervisors, or employees, or any person of organization acting on behalf of the company, should immediately be called to the attention of the company Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.

Notice identifying compant EEO officer by name and contact information
The Equil Employment Opportunity Officers for Shelly Foundations, Inc., and are Geneva Andree and Todd Andree. They may be contracted by writing 900 Alleghent Avenue Avonmore, PA 15618 or by calling (724) 697-4559.

Work Environment Statement
The Equil Opportunity Officers for Shelly Foundations, Inc., are Geneva Andree and Todd Andree. They may be contacted by writing 900 Allegheny Avenue Avonmore, PA 15618 or calling (724) 697-4559.

Work Enviroment Statement
It is the policy of this company to ensure and maintain a working env xiroment free of harassment, sexal harassment, intimidationand coercion at all sites, and in all facilities at which our employees are assigned to work. This policy will be rigidly adhered to all times. Any violation of this policy should be reported immedietly to your supervisor or the company EEO Officer.

Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities
Shelly Foundations, Inc., certifies that all facilities and company activities are nonsegregated except that separate or single-user toilet and necessary changing facilities shall be provided to assure privacy of the sexes.

Notice to unions disseminating EEO commitments and responsibilities and requesting their cooperation.
Shelly Foundations, Inc. will continue to make the company EEO policy known to the employment entities with whom we deal in our employment opportunity announ ements that employees and applicants for employment will be hired, upgraded, promoted or advanced, demoted; transferred; recruited; laid-off or terminated; compensated; and trained withhout regard to race or religion, sex, color, national origin, age or disability. We will request the cooperation of the entities with whom we deal to assist our company in meeting its EEO obligations. It is also the polict of this comapany to provide reasonable accomidations for qualified disabled individuals.