About Us

Shelly Foundations Inc. specializes in drilling open caissons in the earth for foundational support. These shafts range in size from 18" to 12' in diameter and can reach depths of up to 120' deep. Drilling is either terminated once solid bedrock is reached, or once a minimum rock sacket is achieved. After drilling is completed, a rebar cage is set in place, and then the shaft is filled with concrete. Such foundations are typically used for bridge pier foundations, building foundations, retaining walls, temporary shoring, methane relief wells, cell phone towers and light/sign pole foundations.

Installation Procedure

Shelly Foundations, Inc. drills into the earth and rock through the use of high rotary drilling rigs. Carious tools per caisson diameter are used throughout the drilling process such as rock augers, core barrels, and muck buckets. The type of earth and sub-surface materials encountered determines which tools to use. When drilling through unsafe material, temporart casing is used to keep the shaft open. After the shaft is completely drilled, it then has to be inspected. The inspection process can be done visually from the ground surface elevation, by lowering a person into the open hole, or through video camera methods. After the inspection process, a rebar cage is placed into the open shaft and it is ready for concrete placement. Depending on project specifications, the concrete can be placed via free-fall method or tremie method. Typically dry shafts can be filled with concrete via free-fall method. If there is water entering the open shaft at a rapid rate, then the concrete is placed bia tremie method.


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May 31, 2010

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Site Launch
February 21, 2010

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New Project
October 26, 2009

Shelly Foundations starts rehabilitation work on the Emsworth Lock and Dam Rehab.